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Indian atta is mostly ground in stone mills popularly called as chakkis. Indian atta is high in protein. Indian atta is an extremely finely milled flour. It works remarkably well for making Indian flatbreads and chakki is the most preferred milling process for Indian breads. Stone grinding breaks the starch adequately to release extra sweetness while burning it slightly to give added flavour to Indian flatbreads. Both methods of milling generate heat. Roller mills procreate more heat than chakki and through some nutrition and vitamins are gone. But it has less harm to the starch and protein in the flour as it cuts the flour into small partic

Types of Indian Style Chapati/Roti

Chapati, Makki Roti, Akki Roti, Thalipeeth Roti, Missi Roti, Kuttu Roti, Paratha, Rumaila Roti, Gur Roti

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FAQ for Atta & Flours

1. What is called mill ka atta?
Mill ka Atta is the by-product of Maida Milling Process; coarse stream of Process is taken out as Mill ka Atta.
2. What is Bran?
Bran is basically outer layer of Wheat which is insoluble dietary fiber roughly wheat contains 13-14% of Bran.
3. What are the black spot on the roti?
Black spots on Roti are basically caramelization reaction of sugar with heat.
4. What is the difference between Chakki Atta and normal atta?
The chakki atta is most well-liked over the roller mill atta for the feel and style of the Chapati/Roti (flat bread of India). Indian atta could be a terribly terribly finely polished flour. It works splendidly well for creating Indian flat breads and chakki is that the most most well-liked edge method for indian breads.
5. Which is the best atta for chapati?
Aashirvaad Atta, pillsbury atta, pillsbury atta gold, pillsbury atta Multigrain, Shakti Bhog Atta, Patanjali Atta

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