Frequently Asked Questions


What does it mean by cash on delivery?

It means that you pay the money of your order when your order arrives on your doorstep.

What are the payment methods?

The payments methods are cash on delivery or payments by credit cards.

Will my payment have any deduction if my payment is cancelled?

No, there will not be.

How do we pay? Cash on delivery or via credits cards?

It's upto you what payment method you choose at the time of checkout, both methods are available with safe payment gateway.


What are the times of delivery?

We deliver from (9AM-10PM)

Are the deliveries available all over Hong Kong?

Yes, all you have to do is provide a valid address and we would deliver it to your preferred destination.

Do you ship internationally?

Sorry, we currently do not ship internationally.

Do you provide express delivery?

Yes, we do provide it, you just have to provide us the address.

Will we get updates if the delivery is late or delayed?

Yes, we will update you.


Are all the fruits and vegetables fresh?

Yes, all the fruits and vegetables are fresh.

Do you have any stores in Hong Kong?

No, except online we do not have any stores.
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